Monday, October 13, 2008

the unofficial results looked like this

1. Chris Kelley (fixed)
2. Dan Morris (geared)
3. Francis (geared)
4. Richard Bate (fixed)
5. Alex C. (fixed)
6. Ben Myers (geared)
7. Thomas (fixed)
8. Dillion (geared)
9. Fithers (fixed)
10. Michael (geared?)

first overall- chris
first geared- Dan
first fixed - richard
first out of town - mark from indy
first woman -sarah
best hand- rawny

thanks for all who ran check points, came out to the race, came from out of town, and sponsored (revolution bike and bean, plan 9 film emporium, bootleg sessions, urban velo, make something new)

the next race is aimed at friday Nov. 14
well keep you posted.

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