Sunday, March 29, 2009


Mike: 1st in Hill Climb

Mark: 1st in Sprints

Good work you 4, way to show everyone else how it's done.

Though the rain forced us to postpone the tricks until Part III, I found it invigorating. Apparently so did everyone else, since the top 5 times were within a 1.3 second margin (sorry Sam).
The rain also kept park goers away, which allowed us to post up in a pretty nice shelter. It was complete with several picnic tables, a fireplace, and frequent fragrant wafts of urine (not sure if it was from one of us, or a previous party).

As the points stand, it looks like Mark is well on his way to an overall victory, unless Mike is able to take first in the Alleycat, and prevent Mark from earning any more points.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite the fact I was actually able to wring out my sopping wet socks by the end.
And big thanks to Erica for getting food and beer for everyone. I think holding the event during the afternoon, and having food and drinks to graze on made it even more of a success.
I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.

Make sure your calendars are marked for Part III, the Alleycat, on April 18th.
It is the FINAL event of the Show Up Classic. We'll soon post more info on the details of the race itself, but tricks will be held afterward, so we'll try not to make it too terribly hard.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Part II of The Show Up Classic: THIS SATURDAY!!

Part II will most definitely be happening this Saturday, REGARDLESS of weather. Rain has been in the forecast as long as the 28th has been in the 10 day outlook, but fuck it. A bit of rain actually may ward off park goers, which would provide for less congestion, AND assure that we'll have a spot in one of the shelters at the park for the cook out afterward.

I know that there are some folks may have trouble making it down right on time, but don't worry. Other than tricks, nothing really needs to happen all at once, and we'll wait if we know you're running late. So, we'll save the tricks for the end, and can run people through the sprints and hill climb anytime Saturday, really.

We're hyped, hope you are too.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Part II of the Show Up Classic is right around the corner. The cost will be $5 for part II, or $8 for parts II and III. If you've already registered for all 3 events, bring your spoke card, we've got your names.

  • The Sprints will be about 1/10 to 1/5 of a mile. We'll run heats of 3-4 riders until everyone has ridden 1 heat. The fastest 4 riders after heat 1 will all race a longer 2nd heat. First rider to cross the line of heat 2 wins top points.
  • For the Hill Climb, riders will start from a standstill, and have a certain amount of time to ride as high as they can. The rider who gets the furthest up the hill wins top points.
  • For the Trick Off, riders will have 1 minute to do their thing, winners will be judged by crowd reaction, Tom, and myself. Points assigned accordingly.

After the event, we're going to be cooking out at the park. So, bring whatever food/beverages you care to enjoy.

Here's a map to Cascades Park (zoom out for perspective).
You can park in the parking lot outlined, but we may be riding around the park before it gets started.

Meet and register at 3pm, Sprints begin at 4pm.

Points Breakdown

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bike Fright!

Friday the 13th Bike Fright - The Aftermath

As expected, Sam and Bryan did a great job with this one.
Between the push ups, tire carrying, crab walking, (fake) blood-splatting in the face, red bull chugging, balloon blowing, heel-clicks, 2 liter carrying, and numerous miles of unfamiliar red lights, Richard and I somehow managed to finish.

Now I'm even more hyped for part II, and have some ideas brewing for part III, the Alleycat.

Congrats to MASI Mark for another good showing!

And, thanks again to Shawn for letting us crash.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Races: Indy's Bike Fright & Part II of the SUC

This Friday, March 13, Indianapolis, IN.

I must say I'm more than happy to be headed back to Indy, and it sounds like Sam and Bryan have cooked up quite a race. Splendid.

As for Part II of the Show Up Classic, we've added a hill climb. We'll get it added to the points breakdown, and post it.
At this point, we're thinking of meeting at 3pm starting at 4pm.
If you've paid for all 3 events, we've got your name, but bring your spoke card.

More info soon.

Saturday, March 28th, Bloomington, IN

Monday, March 2, 2009


We rolled up to Indy on Friday for one of the most enjoyable weekends of my adult life.

The critical mass was great, though cold. The open sprints were damned exciting, I nearly screamed my voice away (not sure of the cost, but it's definitely something I would like to try to bring to Bloomington). And after all that, we headed across the street for some duckpin bowling, $3.25 High Life bottles, and onion rings by the pound (also something Bloomington could benefit from...the duckpin bowling that is).

On Saturday, we made it over to the handmade show. Though it was a bit overwhelming, it did not disappoint. Naturally, I came away with a serious case of gawk-jaw.

Big thanks to Burd for getting the hook up on the Macaframa premier, which was wild. It's just too bad we only watched it once. I could have just hung out and watched it on repeat all night.
Tricking around at Pan Am was also a blast, still cold though.

thanks to Shawn, Mike, James, and Chris for letting everyone invade their place for all the goings on. And, to Big Car Gallery for hosting ArtBike and the premier.

Tons and tons of fun.