Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thursday and Friday

The third week of the Show Up » Hang Out did not disappoint. Nine guys from Indy came down, and evidently they're going to try to make it down every week. Shit yeah!
We sessioned the bunny hop bar for a while, rode up the tree, and played some footdown. Then, half of us went to Greek's and the other half went to play polo. After Greek's we went back to that same bank as last week.
I'll try to come up with a different night spot to go to this week.

Not having my fill of them Indy boys, I drove up there on Friday. We did some chilling, and then hit up this loading dock spot, which had a burly grass bank and a grass spine; and of course, there was Mt. Dew for all (thanks Dylan).

Some good stuff went down both nights.
I really wish I had a video camera there on Friday.

Here are a ton of photos:
More at the RADSKIDS blog

Thursday, Bloomington:

Red light tickets. Ugh, sorry boys.

Friday, Indy:

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jack said...

With any luck, big Alleycat coming up Apr 9th in
Boomingtown keep yours eyes pealed for flyers, posters, and graffiti advertising the event. $700 in prizes courtesy of one Mr. Anson Hunter of Follo Engineering. (from what I can gather they do aerospace coatings) I know a guy who rooms with one of their purchasing agents at Wright State. He handling all the PR and organization. The date is set for Apr 9th. From what he'll tell me, 10 checkpoints, 11 miles around town, and some Good prizes. They're talking $15-20 entry though...
This purchasing guy is supposed to come down from Dayton and talk to the bike shops next week to get a Idea of what they can expect. If they don't think they can get 75 participants they're gonna can it. He's already been to UD, Miami, UC, NKU, and Purdue Feeling them out. I can be reached at
Get in touch with me and I'll keep you up to date. See if theres any interest from your Indy guys if so Maybe I can sway him. it only makes sense to hold it here and personally I'd like to see this happen in Bton.