Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am so excited about this! We've talked about doing a bike camping trip for a while now. The ride will be relatively short, so being loaded down shouldn't make the trip take too terribly long. I've camped at this site before, and as I recall, it is pretty sizable. So, I hope a ton of people join us. We're shooting for a noontime departure, that way we can set up camp, and get started on the feast. And, I wouldn't mind going for a brief ride further into the forest after setting up camp.

Here's the Facehook event, if you're so inclined.


rinnie said...

crap. bummmmer.

woodward said...

This sounds like a hella fun idea. Unfortunately I'll be over in Columbia, MO getting my ass kicked at bike polo.

I know winter is coming, but bike camping and mini-touring would be a great monthly activity.