Monday, March 16, 2009


Part II of the Show Up Classic is right around the corner. The cost will be $5 for part II, or $8 for parts II and III. If you've already registered for all 3 events, bring your spoke card, we've got your names.

  • The Sprints will be about 1/10 to 1/5 of a mile. We'll run heats of 3-4 riders until everyone has ridden 1 heat. The fastest 4 riders after heat 1 will all race a longer 2nd heat. First rider to cross the line of heat 2 wins top points.
  • For the Hill Climb, riders will start from a standstill, and have a certain amount of time to ride as high as they can. The rider who gets the furthest up the hill wins top points.
  • For the Trick Off, riders will have 1 minute to do their thing, winners will be judged by crowd reaction, Tom, and myself. Points assigned accordingly.

After the event, we're going to be cooking out at the park. So, bring whatever food/beverages you care to enjoy.

Here's a map to Cascades Park (zoom out for perspective).
You can park in the parking lot outlined, but we may be riding around the park before it gets started.

Meet and register at 3pm, Sprints begin at 4pm.

Points Breakdown

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