Sunday, March 29, 2009


Mike: 1st in Hill Climb

Mark: 1st in Sprints

Good work you 4, way to show everyone else how it's done.

Though the rain forced us to postpone the tricks until Part III, I found it invigorating. Apparently so did everyone else, since the top 5 times were within a 1.3 second margin (sorry Sam).
The rain also kept park goers away, which allowed us to post up in a pretty nice shelter. It was complete with several picnic tables, a fireplace, and frequent fragrant wafts of urine (not sure if it was from one of us, or a previous party).

As the points stand, it looks like Mark is well on his way to an overall victory, unless Mike is able to take first in the Alleycat, and prevent Mark from earning any more points.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite the fact I was actually able to wring out my sopping wet socks by the end.
And big thanks to Erica for getting food and beer for everyone. I think holding the event during the afternoon, and having food and drinks to graze on made it even more of a success.
I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.

Make sure your calendars are marked for Part III, the Alleycat, on April 18th.
It is the FINAL event of the Show Up Classic. We'll soon post more info on the details of the race itself, but tricks will be held afterward, so we'll try not to make it too terribly hard.