Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little 500 & Welcome Back Rachel

After riding their bikes up to Indy on Thursday, Richard and Thomas returned Friday with Mark, Shawn, and Charlie, and their bikes. Mike and Adria also made it down from Indy via auto (missed you Bryan). And, on Saturday we all got together and rode out to Bill Armstrong Stadium for the 58th running of the Little 500.

After the race, we rode to Tom's to cook food and drink drinks.
As always, it was great to share company with the Indy folk.

DC doesn't know what it's missing.

Final Lap - Cutters out in front

Cutters take their 10th Little 500 victory.

Joe made it down too, though it did take him a bit longer.

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Jordan T-H said...

So that's *you* guys. I walked by a bunch that day, didn't say anything, as I was with a ladyfriend. I'll say hi next time. Was on large, large schwinn world sport conversion.